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My Tribe Inspired Me!

Major life celebrations are important. When they occurred, such as a graduation, this tribe of friends would gift the honoree their time & love by managing all of the details throughout the soiree including making the kitchen spotless! This gift of service ensured that the family could be fully present for this milestone celebration. When my daughter married, this tribe stepped up and willingly facilitated all of the details of the wedding. They saw my struggle with wanting to execute the perfect event yet be present as the Mother of the Bride - an impossible task to do both. Because of this tribe, I did not miss a single memory of the wedding. They managed everything quietly and smoothly in the background, and I was blessed to be present for my daughter! This act of service meant the world to our family! It was in that moment that I realized the gift I was given, and can share with others.You deserve to be present for life’s milestones!

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